About us

    Mali Maj

    Villa Hope was decorated with plenty of love in hope and desire to offer our guests at least a small piece of paradise, surrounded by large gardens and nicely decorated yards, as well as rich Mediterranean greenery.

    Comfortable apartments of Villa Hope are situated in a quiet street in the village Mali Maj, in a suburb of Poreč.
    Mali Maj is ideal for families and those who want to enjoy in peace and tranquillity of Istrian gardens, warm sun, blue sea, etc.
    To all who love to rest far away from city bustle and to enjoy the vivacity of nature’s and sea’s scent, as well as the chirping of crickets, we recommend Mali Maj which is located right next to Poreč, Istrian largest tourist center.
    Only 3 kilometers from the center and 1 kilometer from the first beaches are situated freestanding Istrian houses, single or multi storey houses.
    Next to the rich Mediterranean greenery, they are surrounded by large gardens and nicely decorated yards.

    If interested in an active vacation, you can always choose walking paths, tennis, beach-volley, table tennis, mini-golf, boat renting, etc.
    Beaches are made of pebbles and rock, and equipped with changing rooms, showers, and plenty of sports facilities. Lovers of active vacation can get to the beach by bike or on foot, but it is possible to access them by car as well since there are parking lots next to the beaches.
    Nature lovers will certainly explore with passion beauty that could not only be found along the coast but as well in the Istrian inland full of greenery and challenges.




    Poreč is a town on the west coast of Istrian peninsula. Its main sight is the Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th century,
    under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage Centre since 1997.

    Poreč is almost 2,000 years old and is situated around the harbor protected from the sea by a small island called St. Nikola.
    Since the 1970s, its coast was the most visited tourist destination in Croatia.

    Poreč is still having the ancient Roman structure. The main streets have been preserved in their original form while two temples remained on the main square called Marafor. One of those temples was built in the first century, dedicated to the Roman god Neptun.

    Tourist infrastructure of Poreč extends to 37 km long coastline, between river Mirna and deep Lim valley. In the south, there are inevitable Blue and Green Lagoon, unique Mediterranean destinations that offer remarkable experience and unforgettable vacation.